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Since its onset back in 1992, the goal of Anderson Chiropractic has always been to serve MORE people in MORE ways. Of course, CHANGE in life and business is constant for all of us. It’s been no different for Anderson Chiropractic. Doctors have come and gone, but Dr. Bart Anderson, the original founder of Anderson Chiropractic brings 30 years of practice experience to serve you.

At this point in his career – and as America’s healthcare model and insurance coverage gets more and more messy, Dr. Bart’s focus is all about getting BACK TO THE BASICS OF CHIROPRACTIC, keeping things SIMPLE and providing MORE service each visit for a LOWER COST than he ever has. Yes, you read that right! In fact, we’d bet that his current fees will be less than just about any other Chiropractor around.

More Comprehensive Treatment Each Visit!

Unless it’s not clinically indicated, each patient seen here benefits from a MULTI-STEP PROCESS on each visit. Don’t worry it’s ALL INCLUDED in the low cost of a visit. Because it’s exactly what Dr. Bart prefers for his spine, it has become the NEW NORM here! And, despite including MORE therapies, it COSTS LESS than adjustments alone have previously!
Here’s what Dr. Bart believes nearly everyone needs on each visit …


Intersegmental Traction (“Roller Table”) - Start to work the muscles and other soft tissues and improve circulation to the area. This all enables your chiropractic adjustment to be done more easily then hold for longer time frames. If you sit a lot of feel stiff, motion is key!


Using our commercial grade deep massaging instrument, we will target your primary problem are for 5 minutes or so to work the muscles and surrounding soft tissues. This therapy has several proven benefits including: promote relaxation, reduce chronic muscle tension, relieve stress, break down scar tissue and increase mobility.


It's the Chiropractic Adjustment and it's always been THE focus of what we do. An aligned, mobile and healthy spine is able to best protect your central nerve system so you can live at YOUR optimal potential! It’s as simple as that!

And here’s what’s even MORE awesome…

All 3 of those therapies for just $36 total

Although most offices would charge you individually for each of these 3 therapies (for a total of up to $100 or more per visit in many clinics!) our model is not about doing that. Our “Back to Basics” approach will provide ALL 3 Therapies FOR JUST $36 per visit. Actually, it gets even better than that! Check out our ADJUSTMENT PACKAGES that allow you to plan ahead and invest in your health in a way that SAVES YOU EVEN MORE!

How are we able to do this?

It’s pretty simple. We are keeping our fees SO low that people don’t have to worry about “health” insurance. We no longer accept insurance assignment or spend gobs of time on submitting claims, fighting with insurance companies or chasing down accounts receivable. We have eliminated the cost, stress, frustration and staff required to play “the insurance game”. And, that savings is passed on to our patients.

Of course, if you are in the minority of people whose chiropractic care happens to be covered by insurance or a third party, we will gladly supply you receipts and other documents to help you receive benefits and reimbursement. It’s simply your job to submit those now.

Let’s face it: more and more Americans do not have health insurance. Those who do have some form of it typically find that they pay more and more and get less and less benefits. Most have what’s called a “catastrophic” policy with a very high deductible which is rarely met, especially in a chiropractic office.

Here’s the deal: we cannot charge one fee for those WITH insurance and another for those WITHOUT it. That’s not legal! So, we choose to set our fee low enough that nearly EVERYONE can afford it – especially when you consider our adjustment packages and interest free patient financing options!

The bottom line is this: the current “health” insurance system is a mess, and it simply doesn’t fit what we do. It really isn’t worth us charging you more. We want to focus on providing great care and not be continuously involved in disputes with patients’ insurance companies regarding deductibles, co-payments, covered charges, or the ridiculous and vague “usual and customary” and “not medically necessary” determinations.

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